15 Ways To “Surprise Your Man”

When it comes to surprising your man there are so many ways to do it. So if you are overwhelmed to finding a perfect way to surprise your man then here are a few ideas.

  1. Get him a grooming kit- not the usual kind, but the ones that are designed for below the belt grooming and hygiene. Every reliable Manscaped Review would tell you why this is a great idea.
  2. A grooming plan for yourself would work as well- a complete makeover is sure to surprise him.
  3. A candlelight dinner – say on the rooftop or in his favorite bar. Men love a quiet evening as well.
  4. Let out the prankster in you. Gather his friends to play a prank on him which he is sure to remember for a really long time.
  5. If there is something he loves to eat but you hate to cook, prepare that dish especially for him.
  6. Learn to play an instrument and play his favorite song – the effort you put is sure to melt his heart.
  7. Treasure hunts are timeless no-fail options to surprise any man. The treasure that he earns all along the way counts as well.
  8. Remind him of one of his long-forgotten hobbies and make him spend some time on it.
  9. An outdoor adventure for the two of you is sure to refresh your tired souls.
  10. Leave him notes, everywhere telling him about all the little things you love about him.
  11. Text him – something nice, something sweet, something naughty. These texts are sure to light up his day.
  12. Make something for him, even if you are not into crafts- a tiny handmade gift is always special.
  13. Breakfast in bed is sure to make your man feel pampered right when he wakes up.
  14. Book a spa or a massage session for him.
  15. Get his friends and family to send a sweet little note or voice recording for him and compile it to make a college to make him realize how much he is loved.