6 Things to Look for When Shopping for Health Insurance

Health is the most important wealth that everyone needs to focus on today. With the number of new and antibiotic-resistant diseases, we must always be careful and watchful of the way we live. There are many ways by which you can adopt a healthy lifestyle including eating low-fat food, sipping on a cup of lemon or pepper-turmeric tea, exercising daily, and so many others.

In addition to healthy living, experts advise us all to sign up for a good health insurance plan to be on the safe side. This is a good way to prepare you for the unexpected attacks of life. However, while doing so many things needs to be considered, as it involves the outflow of money.

Here is a list of top six things that you can use to check while shopping for a good health insurance plan.

  1. Neglecting to read what is typed in the fine print – This is one of the common mistakes that most people, even the intelligent lot tend to commit. People simply skip the part where information is provided in small letters and they make haste in signing the deal. This is a business tactic to conveniently trap customers. Most often the terms and eligibility for availing health insurance are hidden in these fine prints and people only realize when the claims are rejected or receive less than what they have claimed.
  2. Failing to check for loadings – Loadings are usually an additional amount that is added to the insurance cost, which is used to compensate the operating expenses of the health insurer. Check what your insurance policy mentions about tobacco consumption or a prolonged liver disease.
  3. Opting for a lower premium – This is obviously one of the factors that people check while purchasing something that needs to be paid in installments. However, low premiums are good when it comes to loan repayments but not exactly one of the best features when it comes to health insurance. This is because low premium health insurance plans might not be sufficient. In which case, the purpose of buying a health insurance stands void. Hence, be sure to know what you are eligible for the amount you are paying.
  4. Not having information from where you can be treated – Some people buy a health insurance plan and seek claims only to be rejected. One reason why this happens is that they might be being treated in a hospital that is not covered by the insurer. Hence, make sure to know the network of hospitals and doctors from where you can be treated so that your claim is not rejected.
  5. Not making the best use of discounts and benefits – Once again people think health insurance policies are only good at the time of need. However, what people fail to understand is that most policies have something extra to offer as well, which is hardly revealed unless you ask for it. For instance, certain policies offer discounts such as family discounts, e-policy discounts, discounts when treatment is availed in specific hospitals, etc. Moreover, some policies also offer benefits in the form of cumulative bonus and other value-added Make sure you have a good understanding of all these.
  6. Failing to review your policy – Lastly, what people often do not do is they sign and forget about the insurance policy and only go hunting for it when the need arises. However, good practice insists that you review your health insurance plan at least once in every five years to check if your policy is on par with what the newer policies have to offer. If not, check with your policy provider to get it updated or buy an additional cover if you think that it is worth your money.

Start now before it is too late. Be Insured & Stay Assured!