Fun Games to Do with the Kids this Christmas

Christmas is only 4 months away and already mums and dads are beginning to look for kids presents and think about budgeting for the inevitable. Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, which is why having games and activities that encourage quality family time is important. There are loads of ways to encourage the kids to play nicely together and
have fun with their siblings, which can be difficult with so much excitement about Santa coming. We have some easy to do game ideas that will make Christmas this year fun, playful and a joy.

Play Family Board Games Like Monopoly and Scrabble

Every family much play games at Christmas and why not the classic’s. Monopoly is a board game that has evolved over time to become as varied as “cheaters Monopoly” and “Monopoly Plus” and even “world Monopoly”. I always think games that we ourselves played in our child hood bring a nostalgic feel that reminds us of our Childhood Christmas and a sense of continued sense of who we are and where we have come from.

Christmas Bingo Game

This game is loads fun and is just like real bingo but instead you use candies and treats. There are loads of
free downloads to use for this game and won’t cost you a penny apart from the ink and candy.

Toss a Bean Bag Game

This is a DIY game that involves kids getting creative and making a Christmas tree from poster board and beginning to segment different parts of the Christmas tree into scorable sections. The closer to the star at the top of the tree the more points you can get.

Dear Santa Letters – Printable

Every child at Christmas needs to learn how to say thank you to Santa and with an cute dear Santa printer-able letter it’s made easy. Get all the kids round the kitchen table writing their thank you letters, which is fun and helps them learn about gratitude and thankfulness.…