Is It Safe To Use Car Seat Without Base?

Choosing the right car seat means you should be able to travel without the car base. Most convertible car seats are designed to carry your baby right from his or her birth. Most of the babies are carried home using the infant car seats that can be easily detached from the base without waking the baby. If you can click your infant car seat onto your stroller using an infant car seat adapter you will be able to transfer your baby the same way to the stroller without disturbing her or him. Here evenflo symphony lx vs dlx is compared that helps you learn their individual performance.

One of the important components of infant car seats is the base which makes them easy to handle and it associates with your infant car seat for a long time. Imagine you are traveling with your baby but do not have your own car will you be carrying the base? Fortunately, most of the infant car seats can be conveniently secured to the car seat without the base. There are a few ways which you can follow to install an infant car seat without the base. The experts recommend European style belt path.

The steps to follow European style belt path:

  • First position your car seat carrier correctly in the rear facing mode in the vehicle seat
  • Open the seat belt and using the lap guides thread the lap portion on the carrier
  • Securely thread the shoulder belt on the carrier’s back through the guide
  • Safety belt has to be buckled
  • Trigger the locking mechanism by pulling out the shoulder belt out all the way
  • Install the seat and tighten it as much as possible by adjusting and pulling the seat and seat belt. Ensure it is tight enough that it does not move an inch if you try to wiggle it.
  • Finally check if the seat is in level