How to Use Supermarket Coupons to Save Money on Your Food Shop

Have you ever sat yourself down to budget on a monthly basis?

If you have, you would have realized without too much of a trouble that the biggest expense on your list is food or grocery shopping or eating out; whichever you do!

Now until recently, I was all by myself and I realized that things were no different back then!

If you were to draw a pie chart of your expenses, the biggest part of the circle would be food and take it from me in writing.

Food is a necessity and it all boils down to it; however, you could be a smart shopper and save a lot of money on grocery shopping for food and stash away the excess for a fun holiday or something that you always wanted from that luxury store!

Let’s get started on how you can do it, shall we?

  1. Never go out shopping on an empty stomach!

I mean it; I am not joking. A friend and I once went shopping together. She had her meal on the go and I preferred to do it after the shopping. We both had set out with almost similar lists but at the cash counter, my cart was so fuller than hers that it threatened to overturn. Lesson learned hmm.

  1. Now, where is my list?

Carry a well written comprehensive list and stick to the entries. Nothing outside it pleases!

  1. Once a week will work wonders:

Planning the menu for a few days and then stacking the pantry with only what you’d need is a great idea especially if you are someone who keeps going out of town often and then the things are going to sit on your shelves beyond their life.

  1. Hunt for coupons for food items you generally take:

Don’t stash too many coupons on the pretext of ‘just in case’! Pin only those that you buy regularly or those that you do not find economical so that you can afford them with the coupons.  This way you will not end up buying things that you do not need or will never use.

Get on to popular couponing sites. I do not trust any other except