Top 10 Clothing Tips That’ll Save You Money

Being presentable is an art!

I learned it very late in my life that it is very important to wear the most appropriate clothes that are warranted by the occasion. If there was one thing that I was allowed to go back and do today, it would be to improve my dressing sense.

I agree today that clothes are a big investment:

I spend a big part of my package on clothes yet I have realized this paradox that I begin thinking so hard when I have to dress up. I always have this feeling that I don’t have as many clothes o wear even though honestly, my wardrobe closes with so much difficulty and my wallet is groaning because it has been empty for too long now!!

So with experience, here are ten tips that can guarantee you some savings:

  1. Buy unbranded generic layers:

Tees and tops that will be worn under the jacket or the blazer can be happily unbranded. You can save the money in buying upper clothes which you will actually like to show off.

  1. Look out for sale:

The clothes always sell by the season. If you want a piece of cloth badly, you can buy it at full rate but if you think you can wait, sale season will not be too far when you get the most value for the product you desire.

  1. Buy the most minimum vacation clothes:

Do not stock up on vacation clothes or sports attire. These end up being in the closet until the next vacation when they most probably have gone out of fashion. So go slow there.

  1. Don’t go for flimsy trends:

They will most probably fade out too soon and will be left sitting on your racks waiting to be given off.

  1. Accessorize well:

The secret of clothes is in accessorizing. Don’t worry about repeating them. The best way is to change the accessories that you couple it with their last time.

  1. DIY is great fun:

You can customize the clothes to make them personal. For instance, I once got a big button stitched on the front lace and it because like a fashion statement.

  1. Couponing skills to the fore:

If you are fond of clipping coupons, they are a great way to save money. You could also couple them with rebates, discount, and sale and walk away with the best of deals.

  1. Making friends with the sales guys:

To get inside information on the sale. And to stash away a piece you like for you to scoop it in a sale. Surely not cheating that!

  1. Pick up clothes that can be washed at home:

Steer away from the only dry clean type of clothes. Who has the money, time and energy to go to the cleaners often?!

  1. Fixing clothes:

Say you like something but it is one size big. The price is a steal too. Pick it up we say and give your creative freedom a boost by altering the sizes. Works out really cheap.  Check out and drool!!!